Monday, 29 June 2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Rosedale, Toronto


Short for Krishna


I had crossed the bridge over the ravine, carrying my meditation beads in my left hand while fingering each bead. A local person on his bicycle noticed them. He stopped and asked, “Is that a rosary?” 


Now, this occurred shortly after I passed by a home with several people gathered on an extensive veranda who had also noticed my dangling strand of 108 beads. They seemed to be a bit ‘tipsy.’ I guess they were all friends—drinking buddies. They got kind of excited by my appearance. They approved. At least three or four held up their drinks, whether in a glass or a bottle, making a ‘toast’ gesture. In any event, I returned a wave with my free hand and carried on.


Going back to the cyclist, I answered his question. “These are japa beads. They are used as a method for mantra meditation—for chanting. There is also something called bhajan, which involves a small group of people chanting, but accompanied by instruments that create beautiful music. Finally we have something called kirtan, which is an even more inclusive form of chanting. This can take the shape of many people on their feet swaying to the music. There are choices. For me I take time out in the evening and chant on my japa beads, which is a kind of communication with the Supreme.  I walk at the same time and I love it.”


The cyclist told me his name.




“Oh, short for Krishna.”


He laughed. So did I.


May the Source be with you!

7 km

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