Thursday, 18 June 2020

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Orillia, Ontario

I Got Out


Wow! I got out! Out of the city! What a treat!


With the lockdown culture suddenly lifting some of the restrictions on social gatherings, I’m now about to honour the gesture. One of our members/administrators from Brampton, owns a motel in Orillia, a little over an hour’s drive north of Toronto. Nimai is the owner, and he drove me to the airport to pick up our dear brahmachari monk, Karuna, who has been stuck in India for the past three months.


He looks just fine, only he could use a little more flesh around the bones. His spirits are great. For quarantine, he’ll be staying at the Inn for two weeks, in the town of Orillia, located at the junction of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. What a gift from God! I’m talking about not only the monk, but the whole Trent Severn River system of lakes and all peaceful connecting waters that glimmer in the sunlight. What a gift!


Nimai and I moved on by van to a trail nearby, a stretch of the Great Trail. A monument of iconic singer, Gordon Lightfoot, is set there along the trail. Sorry to mention his name once again. He’s just a good singer who hails from this town, and who rose to international stardom. And he did so by staying in Canada, something like Celine Dion. His songs are often ballads of historical events, like “Black Day in July,” about the Detroit riots in 1967, and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” which gives us an account of the ill-fated ship that went down in Lake Superior during a perilous storm. 


Today’s brief walk was about sun, breeze, greens, blues, trees, water, fragrant smells and smart people who walk!


May the Source be with you!

4 km


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