Friday, 8 May 2020

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Toronto, Ontario

Mail / Walk / Lion

I received a card from the local post office located next to “Whole Foods.”  We finally figured out how to receive mail.  Make a box and set it outside the door with a sign “Put post here!”  It took some time for this genius idea to surface. You see, our usual mailbox is inside our facility.  Since lockdown postmen have not been able to get in so my card indicated there is a parcel waiting for me and to go and fetch it.

“Here’s a good reason to walk,” I thought.  Sure enough, a parcel was waiting.  How long for?  I don’t know.  Sent from Creston, Ohio, was a modest-size box with contents, shower gels—citrus and cedarwood.  This is the kindness of sender, Kaustubha, from the Cleveland area.

It was only four years ago since I walked through the Cleveland area on my U.S. walk, which was a super-adventure.  Myself and small support team began regular swimming in Lake Erie in the month of May.

Memories!  I do get homesick for the road.  I remember going through Amish territory.  They are such a down-home type of people.

Anyways!  I got back to the temple ashram for a shower after opening my personal care package from Ohio and used that “Everyday Jack” gel.  Heaven it is.  Now I’m poised for the virtual fest to honour the lion avatar, Narasingha.  Everyone in our devotional circle has been talking about Him as He is the divine protector from the virus in the form of a man, Hiranyaksipu, prime child abuser and violator of Vedic principles.  It was a great fest with the presence of few but we know the message got out.

May the Source be with you!

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