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Monday, May 18, 2020

Cherry Beach, Toronto

It Happens 

It happens often enough that kindness comes our way, literally, at the door. Because of the continual lockdown people (the public) or congregants want to enter the premises and have a glimpse of the Krishna deities, maybe receive a little piece of prasadam, sacred food remnants or just have a brief exchange with one of the resident monks.

Today devotees from Scarborough came to deliver a prep popular on the ekadsai day (a day of fasting from grains) called gauranga potatoes. The prep is always wonderful with its turmeric golden colour and a slight sour flavor with spuds. Also what came was Dhir Nitai’s (what I consider marketable) soup.Lots of potent erbs and veggies along with a healthy salad. The best!

Unfortunately we still cannot allow for such devotional-types to enter. Indeed, no accommodating any eager beavers at this point, not just yet, however much their enthusiasm overflows. Their cup runneth over with love, for sure.

We resolve with such people who show up at the temple door with an explanation which, in a way, is neither here nor there. “We don’t know when the temple will open again. It’s out of our control. Vaccine or not.

They seem to understand. At least we exchange some sweet words.

Cherry Beach was a great destination today with Nimai NitaiIt’s a place that is reachable on foot from our ashram although we found other means. At this beach on Lake Ontario you have dozens and dozens of wind surfers. Covid 19 will not stop them. Nimai and I simply settled to watch them. Even the rain of today doesn’t deter them. Determination is applicable in devotional life also.

May the Source be with you!
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