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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Rosedale, Toronto

Early Rising

It is a pleasure and a privilege to rise early when the mind is clear and open for spiritual injection.  Every morning a small group of us sit down for a serious hearing of sastra, documented wisdom.  Good for the soul is reading a short passage from the Bhagavad-gita for instance.  This morning we read from chapter 11, verse 39 and it was like a universe that spoke to us.

“You are air, and You are the supreme controller!  You are fire, You are water, and You are the moon! You are Brahma, the first living creature, and You are the great-grandfather.  I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto you a thousand times, and again and yet again!”

And in the purport (explanation) which is brief, it was worth hearing a clarification.  “The Lord is addressed here as air because the air is the most important representation of all the demigods, being all-persuasive.  Arjuna also addresses Krishna as the great grandfather because He is the father of Brahma, the first living creature in the universe.”

These are powerful statement that help us feel empowerment.  And that empowerment is one of wanting to serve.  In order to prepare for serving others, what speak of serving the One who puts everything in motion, is that some time is necessary.  So I’m recommending that for time-management early rising is an essential factor in making progress on the spiritual path.  Thank you readers.

May the Source be with you! 
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