Sunday, 3 May 2020

Friday, May 1, 2020

Rosedale, Toronto

May Day 2020

I consider one of our members a hero today.  It is May Day and to many people it’s special, a declaration that spring is most definitely here.  Whether intentional or not to mark this nature’s affirmation, Mahabhagavat, from Willowdale, walked the 18 kilometre trek from his home to the temple/ashram.  He prepared himself early this week for the Friday task.

I was happy to greet him outside where his good wife and son drove up to do the finish.  It was a great victory and I hope he does more of this.

While I was waiting a young woman, Sesha, was working at the juncture of Roxborough and Ave. Rd., the corner of our ashram.  With hard hat and safety vest on she recognized me from 20 years ago when her mom taught Sunday school.  Sesha, along with another male worker, are working for the city painting white stripes on the street for traffic efficiency.  It was so good to see her grown up and being full of enthusiasm for Krishna Consciousness.

I had just spoken to Cameron from Hamilton by phone.  He’s a young father, had stumbled upon a copy of Prabhupada’s, “Science of Self-Realization” some time ago in Victoria and is now sold on this culture of bhakti.

By providence I met all these positive people.  May Day was good.  Perhaps as a last mention of connecting, on some level, when I managed to squeeze in 45 minutes for a walk in Rosedale I was moving along on a street of 4 to 5 million dollar homes.  In the front veranda of this one person’s home were some guests all sipping on wine.  The home owner saw me and not facetiously, but seriously, invited me to come in and have some wine.  I declined but I appreciated the fellow’s kindness.

May the Source be with you!
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