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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020


New Year's Day for a Lucky Monk

I have five siblings: Connie, Jerry, Rose Ann, Paul and Pauline.  I'm the oldest.  Almost every year I attend our family reunion on January 1st  Paul, who lives in British Columbia in Canada, usually can't make it.  This time around, we met at Connie's in Markham.  It was a great bonding time.  My brothers and sisters are all decent people.  I won't judge them for their carnivorous diet.  In fact, my sister in the middle, Rose Ann, and her hubby, Jim, prescribe to no meat.

In this present day of multiculturalism and pluralistic philosophical paths, there is so much acceptance.  I mean to say that, in a way, ‘anything goes’.  When I became a monk and turned my back on pork chops, hot dogs and steaks, I was considered by some to be weird.  Now, if you’re a vegetarian, or even more, a vegan, you're cool.  Anyway, Connie provided multiple choices at the brunch and all were happy.

Jaya picked me up.  He's becoming our official driver for the ashram, apart from being a nice co-walker for me.  Back to the temple and ashram we went.  I then prepared for our drama troupe’s last two run-throughs before costumes and make-up.

And what a turn-out it was!  People. Where they park their car in our congested neighbourhood, I don't know!  The play, "The Gita" was great.  It was a great New Year event at our temple.

I'm a lucky dog.  My biological family is phenomenal and so is my spiritual family.  

May the Source be with you!
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