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Tuesday, January 7th, 2020


Best Breakfast

It was at Tyendinaga, in Mohawk Territory—where in the summer of 2012, I napped in between the rows of soy beans,  and swam in a creek for a break, and where the fish bit Daruka's chest—that Jaya and I had a great breakfast this morning.  Yes, indeed, Jay and I stopped at "the Twins’ farm" (as we call it) and took food for fuel.

Graham and Dhyanachandra are identical twins, who used to live in Toronto, and do janitorial services at the Krishna centre.  Dhyanachandra is spending the winter in Panama, while his brother, Graham, now newly married, lives with his Malaysian wife and, get this, her twin sister.

The one-and-a-half sets of twins proved to be good hosts.  I blessed the food with mantras and we all partook.  From a local farmer’s plum jam that we spread over the waffles, we experienced only delight.  From Dhyanachandra's own bee hive, we mixed honey into the oatmeal.  And out of curiosity, I spooned on one waffle some more of Dhyanachandra’s harvest.  Boldly, I added his special tomato sauce all over that waffle.  Organic with local herbs cooked into it, the sauce was phenomenal.  Then Dhyana dripped onto Jay's waffle some Eagle Brand to which I remarked, "You're going to get behind the wheel after taking that?"

Jay and I were looked after.  At least for myself, I was fuelled enough to get some walking in.  David and Daniel joined me to the Christie Pitts and then back. 

I am grateful to anyone who grows, harvests and serves.  And to those who spare some time to walk off the calories.

May the Source be with you.
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