Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

Ottawa, Ontario

Reaching and Doing 9

If rain is clean, clear and cooling, if the sun is bright, bold and benevolent, then snow is white, wet and wonderful.

Jay and I drove through the white stuff, as it fell lightly upon us, our moving car, Highway 7, and the surrounding countryside.  It was a quiet ride, and in this area from Toronto to Ottawa, you travel through the edge of the Canadian Shield, earth's oldest rock.  The rock is embraced by a boreal forest.
We arrived at ISKCON Ottawa, at 212 Somerset, and were greeted by Mandala Rama McAllister, a happy, holy chap who makes nice wraps.  After a wholesome meal, we prepared for a "9 Devotions Workshop".  A comfortable number of twenty-five people showed up, and the three hour interactive program worked well as a bonding-type of exercise.  I received feedback.  To summarize, I would say the 9 Devotions Workshop is engaging, enriching and educational.  https://www.facebook.com/iskconottawa/videos/1187474058124158/

Devotion or bhakti is a type of co-operation with the Supreme, and all methods of devotional endeavours are indeed fun and fulfilling.

Let's go over these nine processes once again.

1. Shravanam: concentrated hearing
2. Kirtanam: concentrated responding
3. Smaranam: positive recall
4. Pada-sevanam: accepting humility
5. Archanam: honouring sacred images
6. Vandanam: power praying
7. Dasyam: practising humility
8. Sakhyam: making friends
9. Atma Nivedanam: sweet surrender

May the Source be with you!
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