Saturday, 4 January 2020

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

New Year

A new day was just about to come
And a year lapsed when the cold made us numb
The rough and ready, we're all bundled up
And holding back energy like a young pup
In anticipation that was so very high
As drum mallet beats ascended the sky
At location, Old City Hall, with its new face
Still on Queen, at its usual place
Everyone was dressed in holiday cheer
For an annual rite set for the New Year
Hope was triggered for a better tomorrow
Perhaps putting behind any previous sorrow
Then countdown began to the clock at twelve
The sparkles sprang, in mantra we delved
Popping and chopping against corporate towers
Reflections we viewed from those glassy powers
The crowds swelled around us from that moment on
Things got tighter and tighter on pavement and lawn
The sounds were volumed from our vocal cords
From all the attendees, both ladies and lords
And smiles stretched across round heads for sure
In a groove that hinted more towards the pure
And while pot was rather thick in the air
The sound was making all feel little despair
It was good and sweet as our hearts did beat
We stood so long on unrelenting feet
Burning our lungs in the centre of cold
All that were there were really so bold
To welcoming in another round to go
The winds of time make calendar pages blow

May the Source be with you!
7 km

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