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Wednesday August 1, 2018


Dressed in Orange

The people who arise earliest and get moving are dressed in orange.  This is what I observed in a neighbourhood, like the one where Ananda and I roamed.  It was only 6:00 a.m. in a new development in Regina, where all street names start with ‘Green’.  The only thing is, orange is the colour.  How so?

Well, the early bird workers, those guys in the trucks off to construction or road Reno’s, all wear those reflector vests. Every motorist going by appeared to be in that category.  The colour orange dominated.

And, by the way, my vestments are also in that colour tone.  I know I stick out, especially set against the grey cloud-ridden sky of today.  

The colour grey! Now that hue can make a person sad.  Add on top of that, it’s our last day of the tour of Vedic Mace.  Regina was the last stop for us before going to our respective homes.  Our magic man, Datta, and wife, Radha, and Ananda and I all parted.  But where are we parting to?  A place where more devotional service can be rendered.

For abhakti-yogi, he/she can easily adjust.  They are adaptable like a raccoon, no matter what the social, economic, or weather conditions.  They are ready to take up the sacrifice for a higher cause.  It doesn’t matter the colour, so long as service is there. Service, especially devotional service, is life-giving.

In the evening, I walked Bloor Street in Toronto with Karuna.  Funny thing is, a lot of people wore orange.  Down Philosopher’s Walk at U of T, orange merged out of the darkness.  

May the Source be with you!
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