Sunday, 26 August 2018

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Montreal, Quebec

Sweet Day

The many trees’ branches and leaves were rustling in a light wind.  Wow! It was so pleasant to feel. Everyone who was out there—like me, on a stroll just west of Pie IX Boulevard—was sensing a relief from an intense summer, which finally felt as if it were over.

I saw lots of young families taking advantage of a perfect, late afternoon in this very established francophone district.  It was nice.

I had come to Montreal from Ottawa to participate in a swing ceremony. Tradition has it in the Vaishnava community that five days are reserved for performing a sweet pastime of placing small deities of Radha Krishna on a julan(swing) and then pulling gently the swaying platform forward for a back-and-forth motion.  This happens during a mellow kirtan. All the attendees got involved as it offers pleasure to Her and Him.

What followed was also a good experience of the gathering of the old guard, so to speak, and the new guard of our managers in ISKCON Montreal. Yesterday I helped facilitate a restructuring of the management team in Ottawa.  Today it was here that we more formally recognized and empowered a more youthful group to assist in the mission.  Overall the procedures, in both locations, went very smooth.

I will not fail to mention that upon my arrival in Montreal I was driven to “Nandagram,” our new farm community, just outside of the city. We harvested some of the veggies, cooked and ate them.  The taking of that prasadam, in many ways, crowned the day.

May the Source be with you!
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