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Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

A First Ever Man’s Retreat in KC

A MAN-tra retreat!

Hmmm?  What’s that all about?  Well, last summer, Anuttama, my dear friend, and I were walking in northern California. We were talking about how we need a men’s retreat for KC Guys—Krishna Conscious Guys.

The women have their Vaishnavi retreats, which empower females in a more potent, spiritual way.  Why don’t we do that for men?  They could use a little strengthening of compassion, and a boosting of the bhakti, devotion.  After all we want to see both men and women succeed in reaching goals of ultimate wellness.  Some attention needs to be going in the direction of bonding and building.  That is the logic of a retreat for men, to be held on October 5th, 6thand 7thin the beautiful hills of West Virginia, at the facility known as New Vrndavana.

“What is it that a lady wants from a Krishna Conscious man?” This is a proposed panel discussion. It’s something to explore.  There will be sangha, serious discussions, sports, walking, drama, comedy, food, chanting and worship.

It will prove to be team-building fun!

We thought, “It would be ideal to have stronger leaders, stronger fathers and stronger husbands who are very caring.”

There is a schedule and a charge, but nominal.  Something to look forward to.  Information is with the blog display.

May the Source be with you!
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Calling all males!

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