Sunday, 12 August 2018

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

To the Pitts

Karuna Sindhu and I had been talking about venturing over to Christie Pitts for a kirtan,as we had done two days ago.  Why is it so important to us to hold a chanting session in the park?  Well, there’s lots of people milling about on the green, and we believe we can offer something as an alternative, musically, and provide some joy.

Although the two of us can offer little in the way of a musical masterpiece, our simple drum and cymbals are motivated by the sacred mantrawhich possesses incredible potency to the listener. Fortunately, Subuddhi and some of her two next generations came to join us, being only three blocks away.  Then banker, Adi Kurma, and gardener, Amala Ratna, also saw the opportunity as favourable for a Saturday evening outing. A great couple they are.

There we sat on the grass, letting passersby take in an ear’s reception of the mantra.  Some stopped to listen and watch our group’s effort.  Again we were not expert at our presentation, nevertheless it is undoubtedly a heart-warming experience for park strollers to see a quaint community dynamic sitting in a circular fashion.  Not all people can boast they have family or a compatible group of friends. Loneliness lurks long in many people’s lives, that is for sure.

What is amiss in the world today is community, song, dance and wholesome partying in Krishna Consciousness.

I believe we have it all, but we also don’t lack gossip and rumour-mongering.

Please, Sri Krishna, help communities with this strong tendency to defame others.

May the Source be with you!
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