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Monday, August 6th, 2018

Jordan, Ontario

Bruce: Day 4

It’s another hot one but Karuna and I are protected by green canopies—trees, on the Bruce Trail.  Still there is this incredible work-up of sweat from the up and down terrain on the Bruce.  I have come to terms with the appropriate word—hike.  That’s more like it and less so, a walk.  It gets steep in parts.  The downward movement is tougher than the upper motions.  I’ve expressed this before but it is a reality that does exist.

On our four-hour journey through the bush, we only met seven persons along the way.  It was a sad experience, considering the gem that the trail is.

One other disappointment was the three waterfalls we were looking forward to seeing, and perhaps bathing under, were non-manifest. There was not enough water to fuel them. The lack of water probably did account for the low number of mosquitoes.  That’s a triumph.

The Bruce Trail is everything I wanted it to be and much more. The constant green, the interesting shapes and curves of paths along the way, and the solitude, shape this paradise.

The dualities are there—the poison ivy and its rival, the jewel weed, are next-door neighbours.  Pleasant were the occasional breaks and the sipping of juice of kale, mint, cucumber and apple.

Karuna and I are trying to complete the southerly stretch of the trail in order to get closer to the Brampton community and have them join us, but that will take some more sweat before we get there.

May the Source be with you!
14 km

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