Saturday, 4 August 2018

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Calgary, Alberta

Rosy in Alberta

The walk on Greenway began with a party.  Pigeons, crows, gulls and magpies were sharing, after tearing open, a plastic bag of goodies.  There was plenty for all in that church parking lot.

Down the way was a bench for a gayatristop and two Caucasian women walked by offering pranams.  Further on Vani Priya broke into a run, chasing a rabbit (like Alice?) and a Punjabi lady noticed this, then saw me in saffron with Gaurachandra, the second walking companion, who didn’t run.

The lady invited us in, offered a mango juice, some donation and introduced us to her scurrying son, a serious medical student.  We were touched.

We moved on and sat by another bench, where a Vietnamese man, a plumber, stopped to chat.  With ten years here, he admits to liking it in Canada.  We gave him a prayer, a mantra, to dwell on.  Thus the walk was completed.

At the Krishna centre, we initiated a Fijian man, a devotee of many years, Ravendra, received the name, Raghunath.  He’s happy.  It was great to read from the Gita Chapter 9, Verse 10. “The Supreme Lord by His mere glance injects all the living entities into the womb of material nature, and they come out in their different forms and species according to their desires and activities.”

At the Sunalta Community Centre, attendees came to “Monk, Magic and Mantra,” where Datta, Ananda, Radha and I entertained through bhaktichannels, and all were really satisfied. It was a diverse audience / kid-friendly.  We had a party, more enlightened than the pigeons, crows, gulls and magpies. We were also sharing.

May the Source be with you!
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