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Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

The Downtrodden Man

The morning’s discussion with the resident men proved lively.  It entailed modes of transportation in the ancient Vedic context, particularly by horse and chariot.  We identified several famous charioteers.  There is Akrura, who came to Gokula to give Krishna and His brother a lift to nearby Mathura.  Krishna had a regular chariot driver when residing in Dwarka, Daruka was his name. And let’s not forget Krishna Himself in the position as a chariot driver to friend, Arjuna.  Also, what came to mind was the adoptee-father of warrior Karna, Atiratha was his name, and like the story of Moses, Karna was found as a baby while floating in a basket by way of a river.

Enough of reflecting on mobile chariots.  Karuna and I committed ourselves to a walk along Bloor Street. Yes, it is leg power that we use as an approach to getting around.  It is a three kilometre trek to Christie Pitts.  We made some observations along the way.  The Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church is holding a Blessing of the Bikes (another mode of transport).  And on June 10th, the church is conducting a Blessing of the Animals. That’s commendable!

We also took note of the sculpture in front of the iconic building at Rochdale.  The artist was Edward Apt.  The figure is of what looks like a downtrodden man, called “The Unknown Student”.  He looks absolutely depressed.  The Rochdale Building was a student-run operation.  It failed.  Some Krishna families lived on a floor of that structure in the ’70s.

May the Source be with you!
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