Thursday, 7 June 2018

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Mississauga, Ontario

Gone to Bobby for Donations

Every year I pay a visit to Bobby Bakri, a dentist, who has his practice in Mississauga.  Some great points about him: 
He’s a good donor for the yearly Chariot Fest, this year on July 14thand 15th.  
He also loves to read the books of Prabhupada.  Currently he’s reading Canto 3 of the Bhagavatamand he’s loving it.

I handed Bobby a copy of the short read, Easy Journey to Other Planets.  The contents are so prophetic, profound and progressive-thinking. Bobby loves this subject because what the contents say so much aligns with today’s findings on the galaxy.  For example, more recent research confirms the Vedic belief of many universes existing with multiple planets and luminaries such as suns and moons.

According to Bobby, within space you have a great vacuum, but what’s there now is a fluid moving within that space.  And what do the Vedas say about liquid flowing in the sky? Aren’t there stories in them about the Ganges descending?  And what about the milk ocean Vishnu floats upon?  Some scientists are discovering all kinds of fluids in the atmosphere.

Bobby hosts myself and companions from our community at his clinic, where there’s samosas, lassies, nuts and a good walker’s trail mix.  His family—two sons, a daughter and his wife (also a dentist)—always come when we are to turn up.  We chant throughout his clinic, through every room, which is a way of blessing the premises.  His son, age eight, gave me an optimistic high five.  I gave him a copy of the children’s book, The Walking Monk,published by Samhita Press, and written by Anna Milagrits.

May the Source be with you!
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