Thursday, 7 June 2018

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Mississauga, Ontario

Walk for Alzheimer’s

I’ve been on a Terry Fox Run for cancer, but this was the first time I’d trekked for Alzheimer’s.  I was fortunate to get plugged into the run/walk for the cause of the serious disease through friends and devotees of the west end of Toronto, with the group being spear-headed by Rajasuya.

Although it has been said that turmeric and ginger, two major ingredients in our diet, are combatants of Alzheimer’s, and some other physical challenges, we are primarily looking at those folks who are going through awful pain caused by the side-effects from some of these kinds of illnesses.  Almost everyone knows or has known people afflicted with Alzheimer’s.  For those individuals and to fund research to develop cures, we walked with about 500 others in Mississauga, in Peel County, along Lake Ontario, on a scenic snake of a trail.

Gaura Keshava, my friend from the UK, was, by the way, ‘scenic’ for co-walkers on this five kilometre walk.  He came in a white dhoti, a thick grey-and-white stitched chauddar (shawl), and for footwear, it was your traditional wooden karama shoes, hand-carved from hardwood in India.  Boy, did they get attention.  There’s a peg—or what I call a door knob—affixed to each shoe to fit between the big toe and the single inline.

It was quite exotic for everyone else in their name-brand sneakers.

The walk went well, and thanks to Juhi Arora, our group was able to register and participate.  Music was played at the registration booth to hype everyone up, and it was rather uplifting to hear James Brown belting out, “I Feel Good,” over the loud speaker.

For the hour or so of walking, there was little time for japa chanting.  Of course, you are obliged to talk and walk simultaneously.

May the Source be with you!
5 km

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