Monday, 11 June 2018

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Bracebridge, Ontario

From Wilson Falls

What is quite surprising to me is witnessing the enthusiastic devotion of a small group of people living in a little place far, far from a temple.  The eight men who trekked with me brought with them their japa meditation beads.  When this group of people goes for a walk, it is synonymous with chanting. This motivation amongst them occurs under the influence of two brothers, Jaya Gopal and Vyasacharya.

Today, we took to trekking a short distance along the Great Trail—formerly the Trans Canada Trail running at 24,000 km—which meanders along the Muskoka River.  Our brief walk began at Wilson Falls.

It is at locations like this where I can’t help myself but to point out wild vegetation, which I have some meagre knowledge of.  “Here is poison ivy, cedar, honeysuckle, horse tail, etc.”  This is all new to my co-walkers who have given little attention to such things. Frankly, most of us were concentrating on protecting ourselves from the eager mosquitoes.

We continued with our devotions with a discussion from The Mahabharat, and the section of a glimpse into the Kali-yuga—prophecies.  This was followed by a Mexican-style lunch.  On the theme of conflict and subsequent resolve, a group of the Tuesday Sangha and I looked at Chapter 18 of the Gita, after returning to Toronto.  We read together the entire chapter and then highlighted the entire Gita’s conclusion.  Please look at 18.65 to 66 for that.

May the Source be with you!
5 km

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