Sunday, 24 June 2018

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Calgary. Alberta

Good Day in Cal

Gaurachandra and Vani Priya are my usual co-walkers in the North East of Calgary.  With much rainfall in recent days, the mosquitoes can form clouds.  Well, they did that for us while we were in our stride. The presence of magpies was also so evident.  You wonder if while in flight they couldn’t just keep their beaks open and swallow a few mosquitoes in the process?

Nanda Gopal had invited me over for brunch.  “It will just be some steamed veggies,” was the promise. It was simply a well-meaning white lie. His two boys are a handful of energy—Shyama and Keshav.

Rakesh had also invited me, along with my hosts Radha Madhava, Svasti and the girls, for lunch. We had to push that forward in order to separate the meals.  This was feast #2.  I really am grateful to Rakesh for giving my inflamed knees a chance.  The massage was phenomenal.

While the meals of today were certainly upstage items, I have to hand it to Anuttama for organizing a splendid “Kirtan Lounge” program in downtown Calgary.  Forty local folks showed up, mostly singles is what I guessed.  I could gather that my ‘talking of walking (and not eating) ventures’ were as of much interest as was the spiritual element that I live by. The vegan meal was enjoyed like anything.  But I passed. Questions lingered on, before and after consumption time.

May the Source be with you!
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