Monday, 11 June 2018

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Moundsville, West Virginia

Next to Me

Next to me on the Air Canada flight was Justin, a cradle/born Catholic, and a medical practitioner in the field of radiology in a hospital in Pittsburgh.  He struck me as being a nice caring guy—caring enough that I could have a conversation with him about life for almost the entirety of the plane ride, which was only an hour or so, but still.

Justin told me he has a friend from India and that he heard about karmafrom him.  Indeed he also learned of dharma,and, in my analysis, couldn’t put the two rhyming words together.

“If we pay attention to our dharma, we would produce a much better karma,” is what we both concluded from our conversation; that in performing duty (dharma) well and then inherent reactions (karma) will be of a greater ease.

Justin agreed with me that Krishna and Jesus walk in parallel, and are not opposed to each other, so to speak.  They are for elevating the consciousness.  They embrace and convey the same universal principles.

Our conversation started with talking about the poor and not pure quality of food, and the less than good performance in life, which for many people is no performance—meaning sedentary.  We eventually evolved into talking about spirituality, so all was good, and it warmed me up for the retreat I’m attending at New Vrindavana, the countryside haven near Moundsville.  The event is called “Bhaktivedanta Medical Association Retreat.” I am honoured to be invited.

May the Source be with you!
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