Sunday, 3 June 2018

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

100 Autumns

At the wedding yesterday, the brahman (priest) recited several times from a book expressing “one hundred autumns,” referring to the longevity of the marriage of the two people partnering together.  That many autumns is a long time by today’s standards.  May it come to pass for our two young newlyweds.  

“Why autumn?” I questioned.  My speculation leads me to believe that autumn is what ends a full cycle.  It’s harvest time, and all the best things in life are reaped then.  

I got off the train from Windsor and summer suddenly hit.  Spring has been cut short.  Heat and humidity pervade throughout the day.  It is a condition rather cherished by some.  It was in the heat of the day, at high noon, that I was out making observation of the scurrying of lunch hour people.

I sat at a food court waiting for a final adjustment on my phone which is in for repair. I looked out the window from a third storey, at that food area, and viewed the pedestrians from above.  At least there are pedestrians—many of them. The movement is rather robotic, not an aimless approach.  The average person makes a focused march to midday destinations, with the exception of teenage boys, who start-stop-start their journey.  They seem to be the only ones exploring or enjoying.  

My enjoyment was one more afternoon at Ramsden Park, engaged in chanting with sitar this time, plus  other instruments and the good devotees behind them. 

May the Source be with you! 
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