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Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Choices of Trails

Before we go for that afternoon stroll we decide the route to take.  We have the options: a busy retail strip, a quiet residential area or a trail/path in the woods.  It’s one of those very important decisions in life, isn’t it?  Well, not really.  Where you go is not paramount but what is, is the fact that you go.

Guru Prasad, Tom and I were determined to go along the quiet streets of Rosedale, a neighbourhood of fine Victorian homes.  Thank God there is never a rush hour to deal with in this neighbourhood. There is no major thoroughfare. It is an enclave of winding roads, very conducive to a leisurely walk.

And that it was.  Also, the air was fresh and clean, a blessing after the freak storm.  The three of us were happy about the choice made for our walking venue.  There was shanti(peace).

The other day, at the Yoga Show, a fellow asked me something about choice in the realm of yoga.  He first asked what form of yoga I practise and teach.

“Bhakti yoga,” I said.

“Is that like raja yoga, dhyana yoga, astanga, etc…?  Aren’t they all different paths?”

When he asked that question I tried to clarify.

“These various paths are all on the same track, one leads to another and they culminate into bhakti yoga.  But if you can take a more direct trail then you can avoid taking all these trails that wind around and eventually loop back to the original, direct route.”

“Bhakti means devotion.  It is very beautiful.”

May the Source be with you!
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