Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Walkers Not Safe

Well it looked like a bright day.  The sun was ever present.  And in Toronto the public was excited about their team, the Maple Leafs hockey team, going for the play-offs.  They just had to win the game against the Boston Bruins in order to remain in those play-offs.  I know this because when Jai and I took our walk, on what appeared to be the best day of the year, a pedestrian, a woman, wore a Maple Leafs sweatshirt and she filled us in. Other residents also wore proudly the blue and white shirts.  The team did win, 3 to 1.

Then the bright day went dark.  I received calls from Vancouver, Calgary, Hawaii, Montreal and elsewhere.  People were talking on the street saying, “Yonge and Finch.”  That location became the scene of a cowardly crime, something that shook the earth, leaving people with disbelief.  “What! In Canada?  Toronto?”

A maniac got behind the wheel of a van, drove on pedestrian turf and mowed down innocent walkers, leaving ten dead and fifteen injured.  It became dark for this reason.  I called my sister, Pauline, who lives in that region.

“Are you okay, Pauline?”

“Yes, I was walking in that very area one hour before the incident.”  She was grateful to be alive.

So now is prayer time for the innocent folks who left this world in an untimely manner.  I call on all to pray/chant for these souls and for the suspect, now in police custody for this heinous act.  We never thought it would happen in our backyard.

May the Source be with you!
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