Sunday, 8 April 2018

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Flacq, Mauritius

Shiny Leaves

It is like the monsoons here.  All night and practically all day, the rains have been coming.  The plants are happy, I can see.  They are so alive and their leaves possess a sheen and a shine from the water pouring on; a truly wet look.

Massive snails, with that army tank for a shell, crawl everywhere.  You have to watch your step.  They are citizens too.

Unfortunately, the torrential rains restrict a walker’s movement.  I'm seeing trees, plants and snails from a veranda. Indoors is the place where we are harbouring, but we are busy with youth.  In the meantime, I also took the opportunity to care for body and feet. My doctor, Jagannath Misra, recommends propping my feet against the wall to address varicose veins.

“Let the blood run down,” he’s told me.

For dealing with arthritis—it’s in the knees—mustard seed oil application—external use—and an ayur-vedic mix of black pepper, ginger, walnuts, almonds and blackberry to be drunk with hot water.  For my kidneys, I'm taking amrita-dhara.  Something called Janardan—a name of God which means “maintainer of all”—is supposed to help the liver and blood circulation. With these daily doses, I'm feeling more like a healthy plant.

I am saddened to hear of the departure of my spiritual sister, Padyavali, who passed away from Parkinson’s.  She was a good soul, devoted to humanity.

May the Source be with you!
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