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Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Rose Belle, Mauritius

Avocado Finish

There is a tiny centre, an actual house with temple facilities, near the Mauritius Airport, in Rose Belle.  The group running the centre asked if I would plant an avocado tree. How could I refuse?

Some space for trees is allotted along the edge of the land. The tree, which was no taller than a foot and a half, has a chance to rise in a short enough time.  One lady in the community said it might bear fruit after two years, so that’s not bad.  Remember, winters in Mauritius are warm.

While that little project was started, our stay in Mauritius was ending.  A last dip in the Indian Ocean, a farewell to actors who had come from various countries to help in the production of “Many Mothers, Many Fathers,” and good-byes to the local Mauritians, marked the end of my stay here.  Lovingly, a good number of them turned up at the airport for a last minute send-off.

The project—working with the Vaishnava youth—once again this year, had been successful through classes on bhakti, theatre workshops, staging a Shakti Show,and, overall, just being there for them. However, it was now over.  The comments from the local Krishna followers on what I had done as a conduit on behalf of guru and God was so positive.  A great visit it was, with the finishing touch of being handed a small shovel, a tree and some dirt.

May the Source be with you!
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