Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Dubai / Durban

The Poster to Surprise Us

Today I flew between the two cities, the two D’s.  I was happy to come upon Pariksit at Dubai’s airport.  We were then off together to Durban to prepare for the city’s Festival of Chariots.  It’s my 19th year here.  It’s Pariksit’s first.

Working with him recently in India on the drama “Many Mothers Many Fathers,” went so well.  Through my helper back home, Rajasuya, a ticket was arranged for Pariksit to come to South Africa.  We have but three days to get a major production together.

This year’s drama piece is called “The Queen’s Secret,” based on the epic story from India, The Mahabharat, and Queen Kunti, who reluctantly left her newborn in a basket, subject to the whims of a river.  It will be a marathon, like some of the walks I’ve taken.

Perhaps it was smart to do some preparatory work for this project.  The majority of our time in the air was pleasantly consumed by lining up the sound tracks for the drama, in addition to auditioning online while on the plane.  Can you believe it?

Our hosts in Durban really believe in us.  After clearing customs and then getting driven to Chatsworth, where we are accommodated, my eyes seemed to deceive.  Along the freeway, throughout the city, the poster of our play, “The Queen’s Secret,” is set on all the lampposts—the show that the audiences will relish.

May the Source be with you!

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