Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Belle Mare, Mauritius

At Belle Mare

There is this decent trail of sand amidst green trees that we embarked to walk upon. Japa is the rule before fun. Chant first, have fun.  Swim second, have fun.  This is our morning sadhana.

Once hitting the water, we sing in praise of Guru, Prabhupada.  That is also fun, while reverential.  Then we use the ball; volley it to each other while in the water. The ball is blue.  It represents Krishna.  You bounce it to each other on a count and you try not to have it contact the water.  The goal is to reach 108 hits with the ball.  At one point, we made the goal 174.  That’s our game.

It is a real pleasant workout.  You are forced to reach, to stretch and to keep Krishna from being out of His devotee’s grip.  After all, the players, who are actual players—being in the play (drama)—need this relief.  They work harder, harder than I—at least physically.

Our drama is, “Many Mothers, Many Fathers,” and while some experienced key players such as Pariksit, Jambhavan, Sukadeva and Govardhan are with us from the Mayapura experience, we also have our local volunteers.  They are doing wonderfully.

The whole crew comes together at Amar’s place.  We practise and bond.  The parents and friends of the actors come and bring food—prasadam.  It is such a wonderful gathering each year.  I’m in my element.

Walking, chanting, swimming, mingling and drama-ing.  That’s the life.  

May the Source be with you!
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