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Monday, March 26th, 2018

In the Air / Dubai

Activity in the Airport

One realization that came to me as of late is that the airport—any one—is full of pedestrians.  My route for destination Durban is Toronto, Boston, Dubai, and then Durban.  In each and every one of these airports, people meet, readying themselves for a major journey somewhere on the planet.  They number in the millions per day.  No longer do we find foot travel a popular means of transport.  Cars and planes have replaced that.  Some downtowns still carry a vibrancy of pedestrian-friendliness.  New York is one.  Many places in Europe, too, excel.

On my travels I physically see multitudes, and they see me for the dhoti, kurta and utariya, in faded orange.  I see folks walking long corridors—better exercise than many get on a regular basis.  The bridge walkway to Terminal E is a good one.  It takes you over several wide motorways.

I was in ecstasy trekking that facility.

The only problem with flying is the sedentary nature of it.  For hours you are still, and only the blessing of nature’s call allows for movement.

In airports you are either on the ‘go, go, go’ trying to reach your gate, or then ‘sit, sit, sitting’ at your gate. Or lastly, if time allows, you ‘eat, eat, eat’.  That’s what people do, and when seated in a chair for the ‘eat, eat, eating’ or the ‘sit, sit, sitting’, 75% or more are on their phones.

This is just an observation.  In some terminals I check out the prayer room.  The last one I visited, I found some folks engaged in ‘sleep, sleep, sleep’.

May the Source be with you!

2 km in the airport.

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