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Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Brighton, Ontario

At Farms

We arranged a sangha for farmers in the Brighton area and its objective was to support socially the noble initiative of a simple lifestyle.  It happened at two locations close to each other.  Some of us came from the city to go to the country and get a taste of what moksha—liberation from the body—might have a resemblance of. I'm rather serious when I say that.

What a relief it was from urban madness!

First we got acquainted with the animals at Jai and Rasa’s place.  Goats, zebu cows, bulls, even a white and warm turkey gave us their company. She just sits there like a pure white snowball.  She loves to be petted.  Then we dove into a potluck meal in the rustic setting of their home, situated on Old Shelter Road.

The second venture was to a kale chip factory http://solarrawfood.comwith a kirtanin the upstairs studio.  Extolling the glories of life with plants and animals became the subject of discussion. Also, what can a small rural community do to impact a chaotic world?  Is it even possible to go closer to the basics?

A number of us felt the sun’s embrace in a much craved-after break from winter. We indeed went for that walk on a rural trail. In general we all benefitted from the breath of fresh air, especially near the manure pile.  Nostrils broadened and expanded.

The plants haven’t as yet risen but the animals in both locations demonstrated their individual personalities, which made it all totally entertaining.

Oh yes, and bulbs of asparagus were dug up and distributed. 
That was nice.

May the Source be with you!
3 km

Editor’s Note: Solar Raw Kale chips are sold across Canada and available in many grocery and drug stores. The business is devotee owned and operated. 

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