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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
Hastings, Ontario

Beyond Organic

Nick and I decided to hug the Trent River by walking along its edge, and heading to Govardhan Farms;  that included taking to a stretch of mean forest where every sticky object in the “bur” category clung to clothes and leg hair.  Yes, I’ve been going to “work,” so to speak, in pants and shirt.  The traditional dhoti isn't always suitable in all environments.

The work I’m referring to is the weeding, once again.  Fil assigned me to the okra patch where tall weeds abound.  No problem.  I prefer using hands over hoe, and just yanking the guys out.  While Brihat is further down the garden finishing his rows of peppers, I have the frivolous company of kittens.  At several weeks old, the three of them are playful.  They lie down right next to the weed needing to go.  They take my hands as toys.  Unaware that work needs to be done, they become a happy nuisance.  Mind you, I don’t feel alone.  How can I?  Even the plants have life force.  They are living creatures.  Working with plants is therapeutic.

Fil takes pride in the fact that the harvest of his veggies are in the “beyond organic” classification.  This he justifies by the rationale that some organic food in the market is started with the use of pesticides.  Fil uses neem oil to address bugs.

Since being here, we three visitors are enjoying the delicious produce.  One major reason for our stay here is to endorse the natural ways of agriculture and gardening.  This approach is a mandate, culturally set by our guru who envisioned a better quality of life.

May the Source be with you!

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