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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016
Toronto, Ontario

I Was Concerned

I was very concerned for this little guy, a skinny skunk, who was about to cross the street.  Defensive instincts told him, “Not now!”  The head-lights of the car and the sound of its engine were enough to deter the little fellow from crossing.  After the vehicle passed, the skinny skunk did delicately bee-line his way over to my side of the street, bringing us close together.

“Not too close!”  I pondered.

Now, he was scampering about in an area away from green trees, grass and bushes, while on the search for food.  He took more to a concrete trail.  I felt for him and wanted to guide him to a safer zone, more away from traffic.  I would not let him cross Yonge St., known for its merciless motorists.

The skinny skunk could hear me chant and see me walking.  I was trying to guide.  He went on the defensive at one point, and abruptly stopped and lifted his tail, prepared to spray his essential oil.  I halted.  I could see the clear Vaisnava-like marking running along his back, commencing at his neck.

What a terrific reminder!  He’s making me think of Vishnu with that white striping.  After one long block of his finding no escape from human imposition—namely the attached buildings: a bakery, a bar, a software store and such—he made a turn to the right, to a residential green zone.

I was happy for him—the skunk.  But, I wondered why he was skinny.

May the Source be with you!

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