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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Krishna Still Popular

A man with shoulder-length hair and a goatee stood on the steps of a shop along Yonge St.  He noticed me while I was on my evening trek and said, “Hare Krishna?  You guys were really popular at one time.”

The remark hit me with mixed feelings.  Hearing the words ‘Hare Krishna’ is always sweet, unless spoken in vain or in a cursing manner, which is rare.  The statement, “were really popular at one time,” sunk my heart momentarily.  It seemed to infer that we were once loved but are now forgotten.

Indeed, we were a curiosity 50 years ago, and for some trailing years, as well.  I pondered the idea that once you’re established, you lose your lustre.  That was a painful thought.

I nodded to the fellow, kept moving and got the attention of three young people affixed to the steps on the next shop over.  They were aroused somehow by the presence of yours truly.

“I love the colour,” the woman said, referring to my dhoti and kurta.

“Yeah man, I betcha it’s comfortable as hell,” remarked another.

“Sure is,” I confirmed.

Then these two spokespersons and the third, just kind of lit up.  They stood and came forward, making me feel almost like a celeb.  I was popular, in other words—at least for a few seconds—with the three people fussing.

I tried to see if the guy with the goatee noticed how a Hare Krishna can still be a sensation.

May the Source be with you!

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