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Monday, August 29th, 2016

Monday, August 29th, 2016
Bancroft, Ontario

By Hills and Fields

Daivata was determined to take me on the trails he had carved out.  When the weeds come up, he “whacks them back” and takes advantage of the trekking to do his japa (chanting with beads for meditation).

He also encouraged me on a nature’s trail as an alternative; a worn out trail made by deer.  It runs half-way along the slope of Daivata’s hilly property.  We noticed cedar seeds being dropped from trees by squirrels perched high above.  They will come down to pick at those green seeds, separate them from their twigs and then munch or harvest them as morsels of food.

“Look out!  Here lands another bundle of them.  Watch your head!” warned Daivata.

Both today and yesterday, we took advantage of the great, fresh water in our midst—a dip in Eels Creek and York River.  We were inspired by a group of young guys in their mid-teens, who had plunged into the Otonabee River off a bridge the day before.

I commended them for being “old-fashioned” by being out in nature.  That made them feel good.  Unfortunately, they’ll likely renounce the more natural ways when it comes time to get their driver’s licenses.

Our final destination for today was in Hastings at the country home of Fil and Sukhayanti.  Here, I will spend some time in a guest house nearby, to offer help in the garden and with the cows.  Two monks had also come to join me—Brihat and Nick.

We’re going to do just fine.

May the Source be with you!

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