Friday, 2 September 2016

Thursday, August 25th. 2016

Thursday, August 25th. 2016
Toronto, Ontario

His Birth—A Draw

Many fans were rented, huge in size, ready to plug into sockets and then do their service of turning the air, and thus offer some relief to the thousands coming in on a hot, humid day.

Today is Janmastami, Krishna’s birthday.  It is a big deal and it draws the crowds, not only in India—the apparent place of origin for the big fest—but all over the world, where Lord Krishna stirs up excitement marking the day of His appearance.  Many people, as usual, attend the event of dance, drama, rituals, philosophy, food (unless you fast all day) and body heat!

When our building gets packed and the place becomes heated by humans in the month of August, it calls for AC or at least units that move the air.

I was absorbed for hours rehearsing the drama “The Witness,”a story based on a deity of Krishna who moves and walks to give testimony to a brahman priest.  Working with a crew of devotee-volunteers as actors, while running on an empty stomach (again, fasting), wasn’t so easy.  The sacrifice, rendered by the cast, paid off as we saw and heard the cheers of satisfaction at the end of the performance. 

It is a tradition that on Janmastami day, the followers of Krishna reflect and hear of Krishna’s acts of heroism.  It brings a whole amount of reassurance to those who take shelter of such mercy.  Krishna has fans, and then He has fans.

May the Source be with you!

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