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Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Monday, August 22nd, 2016
Burnaby, British Columbia

3 Kilometres Only

Nitai Ram, Marty and I put a few minutes of investment into adjusting lazy legs.  At least, I can speak for myself that the brief jaunt to the Chinese/Punjabi farmland nearby was warranted.

To explain my feelings on this, I have to say that when I come to a destination of festival-fun and people-needs, it eats up lovely time.  I can’t always take the people with me on a stroll and then talk about what’s on their mind.  I consider myself lucky to get a few moments to breeze with ease on feet.

My biggest regret when attending something like the Chariot Festival in Vancouver (now passé by a day) is that I can’t reach all the folks I feel I need to contact.  It is for my sake and theirs that there be even a miniscule interaction.

So, today is wrap-up time, put-away-and-good-bye time.  Deborah, who had been waiting for Harinam initiation for some time received her diksha name—Saci Priya, “one dear to Saci, the mother of Chaitanya.”  She and family turned up to be there.  I also visited Jogender, a man of sincerity in service.  He heads up a security systems company.  He was telling me of recent break-ins, reminding me of crooks who lurk around.  Common are those people who move around with a back-pack. “Both men and women,” he said, who carry a power tool for break and enter.  His cameras catch people all the time.

Safety is a big factor these days.  Surrender to the Supreme and feel safe.

May the Source be with you!

3 km (only)

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