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Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Sunday, August 21st, 2016
Vancouver, British Columbia

Having Friends

Two walks of mini-distance made the day.  Victor and I ventured to the Fraser River.  A quiet trail of minor obstructions shaped the adventure on this first walk.  A railroad track, no real issue, provided a change of texture on the feet.  And at one point, I rocked and rolled by way of a stone that almost sent me on my butt.

At another point, Victor and I, with utmost care, squeezed through those outreaching and thorny blackberry bushes.  They love to cling and tear at dhotis, our lower robes.

There are two road intersections to this track.  That’s also fine.  You look both ways before crossing.  The soul is directing or rather the super-soul is impelling.  Life is precious.  Death (by car) is superficial.  “You are eternal,” is the message.

Walk number two was the grand procession from Granville Bridge to 2nd Beach at Stanley Park.  The city gives us two lanes in which to crowd ourselves along the way.  The obstructions and clearances are the devotees themselves.  Yes, while the kirtan—chanting and drummingcarries on happily, you step on each other’s feet most likely.  At the same time, it is those same steppers—who nearly yank off a shoe—that are your well-meaning friends.

You can’t live without comrades, after all.  My simple observation at Stanley, after the procession, was seeing the occasional lonely person stand and stare at the fun.  Sadly, they have no friends.

May the Source be with you!

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