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Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
Montreal, Quebec

Full Circle

After a grand day at Complex Desjardins for a second consecutive day, and after happily hearing Patrick Bernard sing and play out the maha-mantra from the stage, I decided on my usual form of wind-down.  I would walk back to the ashram on Pie IX Blvd.

That meant, once I left the main entrance of the mall, I turned right on Rue Sainte-Catherine O.  It also meant meeting the three modes of nature—goodness, passion and ignorance, and not necessarily in that order.  I now left what seemed like the spiritual world.

Let’s say, that from that entrance, in a relatively central core of the city, a large volume of passion (rajas is the Sanskrit term) can hit you in the face.  There’s traffic and people bustling. Not but a few blocks from there continuing westbound, where streets are pedestrian-free, at the Gay Village, there is another brand of passion.  And so Brhat, who comes here with chanting parties quite regularly, said of the area, “The people respond here very well.”  Considering that it’s night now, that also stokes up the rajas power a bit more.  Folks dress-up here in a rather non monk-like way.

Finally, I come to more quiet quarters.  Montreal is known for its many magnificent churches, and you do pass the occasional one.  Ahhh!  Here I have a feeling of meekness as I view their towering stature.  I also realize much devotion has been rendered in such territory.  I’ve touched goodness (sattva).

Further on, and the neighbourhood opens up to an ignorance element (tamas).  Prostitutes stand at corners until clients appear.  Drugs, alcohol and depression join hands together.  This is apparent in general in speaking about this neighbourhood.  I wish I could do something.

After a sojourn, I turn a corner at Pie IX and land myself in transcendence.  Yes, here is the ashram and the temple.

May the Source be with you!

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