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Tuesday, January 26th 2016

Tuesday, January 26th 2016
Longdenville, Trinidad

With Water and People

“That’s a corn bird,” said  Kartamasha, pointing to the feathered creature flying above us.”  The tail is yellow and in other parts.”

I was trying to catch sight of the bird’s colouration but he was moving, and then was high in elevation and the moment I was informed, we happened to be in the ocean’s water.  Attentiveness also went to the oncoming waves as they were somewhat abrasive if you didn’t watch yourself.

Time spent in the water was invaluable. We are 75% water in physical constitution.  It makes perfect sense to be submerged in it.  I know that during marathon walking times, massage and swimming offer the greatest relief.

As is usual on my trips to Trinidad, a visit to a beach like Las Cuevas brings a group of us together for meeting the ocean and then having a bhakti picnic.  To qualify the term ‘bhakti picnic’ I mean sitting down on the sand, eating Krishna food, and holding a kirtan.  The food and company were fine.  For the kirtan some creativity was implemented.  The picnic pot lids became our cymbals and the food canteen became our drum.

After the beach affair more fun ensued.  In Longdenville, a group of people filled the ISKCON centre for the second consecutive day.  Our topic of discussion was based on the intro of the book “Chaitanya Charitamrta.”  Here we learn of the origin of the magnanimous avatar Sri Chaitanya, an inspiration for all those who engage in the Kirtan Movement.

May the Source be with you!

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