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Thursday, January 28th 2016

Thursday, January 28th 2016
Bartica, Guyana

In Bartica

50 is the golden number today.  Guyana is celebrating its 50 years since independence.  It is also a half a century since the official registering of Hare Krishna in the western world.  In July of 1966 ISKCON was born in New York City.

Also this year, Bartica becomes an official town since its inception.  Its population is 17,000 people and I am told it has a major port for goods, such as diamonds and gold.  Because of the areas rich red soil, the Amerindian word bartak was used and a mispronunciation left it with the name it has today.

To reach here at least 50 of us took the four hour ferry from Guyana’s West Coast, along the river Essequibo and then after an hour drive from Georgetown.  You are talking about remoteness but not so much that we find tribal folks in this area.  That venture is saved for next year. Surprisingly all modern amenities are here.

Our purpose in Bartica was to expose the residents to the maha-mantra through the method of Pada-Yatra, a festival on foot.  This is how I got my walking today, at a guess-timation of 6 Kilometres.  Our culmination point was at the quaint community centre ground where we had the chance to interact and display Krishna Consciousness to locals.

It was on the long boat ride to reach here.  That became a high point when we reserved an hour for kirtan and a reading from the book Swamiji, subtitled “An early disciple, Brahmananda Dasa, Remember his Guru.”  Every chance I get I have my head sunk in the text.

May the Source be with you!

6 km

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