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Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Thursday, February 11th, 2016
Nepean, Ontario

Some Rail, Some Trail

Via Rail has these new trains and I was a fortunate passenger to board one of them, destined for Fallowfield, one stop before Ottawa, the nation’s capital city.  Surendra, my host, was there to meet me at the station after a super comfortable ride.

At his home I was treated by him and his good spouse, Sushma, to a great meal featuring bindi (okra).  Their young daughter, Yashira, had gone to school to watch the student’s performance of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

I was committed to at least an hour’s walk which I accomplished, always, by the mercy of guru and Krishna.  It felt like minus 15 Celsius but we Canadians are used to that at this time of year, eh!

Such conditions can be very conducive for concentration on the maha-mantra.  The trail and the night were of an ultimate quiet, all but for one pedestrian near Longfield station.  There were no other people.  I may have said this before, that prescribing to chanting in an indoor environment can be a temptation to talk about whatever.

Today’s most enthusing moment arose from a reading and discussion from the Bhagavatam 2.1.6. It sets the goal for us all.

“The highest perfection of human life, achieved wither by complete knowledge of matter and spirit, by practice of mystic powers, or by perfect discharge of occupational duty, is to remember the Personality of Godhead.

The objective in life is to meditate on the Absolute.  How you achieve this is through the system of being a jnani, or yogi, or karmi but “the finishing touch” as put by author, Srila Prabhupada, is to make contact with strong devotional person.

May the Source be with you!

6 km

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