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Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Thursday, February 4th, 2016                          
Toronto, Ontario


When peers get together  magical things happen.  For instance one of my god brothers helped another one to get back on track to chanting his prescribed amount of japa meditation.  The fellow had fallen short of his vow to his guru in this regard for some time. So it took his buddy (a roommate) just a little coaching and hence the derailing is now history.

The person who had fallen from grace (so to speak) is now a happy chappy.  It was four of us god brothers who took to part 2 of going down memory lane.  Our additional person was Danapati who has this photographic memory about the past.  We visited our old temple, an impressive Victorian home on 187 Gerrard.  Currently an accounting firm occupies the space.  Around the corner on 109 Pembroke St. is a three story apartment building which accommodated our guru, Srila Prabhupada, in 1975. This then has sentimental value to us.

We also ventured over to Allan Gardens, one of the oldest parks in the city with an indoor botanical garden.  It was in this facility that Krishna devotees would sit amidst banana and papaya trees and do their japa chanting- meditation.  It was in those days, the early seventies, that a lotus flower just might have gone missing from this horticultural centre and would have made its way to our temple across the street, to find itself on the altar.

But I don’t think it was Gods doing.  In general I would say we were a family.  Yes the four of us were members of a family.  We were re-membering.

May the Source be with you!


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