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Monday, Febuary 1st, 2016

Monday, Febuary 1st, 2016                                                                           
Georgetown/Port of Spain

Comparing Notes

Since I’ve stayed in Guyana for a few days and previously in Trinidad, it was natural to compare notes about the two places and then draw an opinion.  Even without me trying to do so, people from either territory would offer theirs.  You can always view and observe the best when on foot.  Walking the neighbourhood tells all about a place. Here’s my two cents worth in a nutshell:

Trinidad is the more prosperous place, at least up until now, with oil being pumped out.  The public reaps some benefit from this commodity.  At the same time it is more of the self-indulgent place, materialistic.

Guyana, on the other hand, rich in resources, doesn’t have much to show for itself.  I mean to say that public needs are lacking.  Here in Guyana life is less hectic and perhaps less sophisticated.

Prabhupadeva, one of our prominent leaders in Guyana also confirmed my conclusion by saying, “that’s to our advantage.”  He was saying the Guyanese are easy to take to the spiritual side of life.

I’ve been coming to these two countries for a few years and I enjoy my time immeasurably. Yesterday I took personal time with a host of people in Georgetown, so much so that I had no room for the most meager trek.  I’m also observing that the three storey buildings going up the “Nimai Pandit Study Centre” including temple, commercial kitchen for mass food distribution, monk living quarters, and restaurant, are a sign of piety that the Guyanese display.  Funds are still needed (and they are coming) to complete this glorious facility for this year, which is to open in July in honour of the 50 years since the birth of the Hare Krishna movement. 
It looks good for Guyana this year.

May the Source be with you!


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