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Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Sunday, January 31st, 2016                                 
Georgetown, Guyana


Guyana is becoming dry like a bone, so the locals tell me.  I heard the same while in Trinidad. Little or no rain has happened for days.  Another piece of information that I find interesting is that a huge oil reserve has been found and the next-door-nation, Venezuela, is claiming a portion of Guyana as theirs.  The issue went all the way up to the United Nations.

Sounds like the face of greed rearing its ugly head.  For one’s sustenance what’s more important water or oil?  We have problems, some nature-imposed and some people-imposed.  There’s no escaping the problems of life. Still one try’s to alleviate as many problems as possible.  It’s the natural thing to do.

It might be an idea to identify the ultimate problem.  What our dear guru, Srila Prabhupada, had us acknowledge is losing our sense of real purpose.  Somewhere along the line in time we lost touch with the great Creator and came to the position of self-service.  By “missing the point” we obtain a material body wherein we attempt to play the role of God and thus live a pretentious life thinking that we will make out okay on our own.

Illusion always produces problems.  The Gita informs us that from the highest sphere to the lowest (including earth) there are problems.  Now to jump to a positive note, one young man, Satyananda, a medical student came forward today to accept Vaishnav diksha spiritual initiation. His new name is, Saci Suta, a name for Sri Chaitanya, the master of mantras.

Blessings came from all.  The Nimai Pandit Study Centre, where he has been studying our theological traditions alongside with his secular studies, was a packed house to hold the ceremony.

May the source be with you!


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