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Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
Brighton, Ontario

A Moment in the Country
Nanda, Rajasuya, and I made the auto journey to where the big apple structure, off of highway 401 east, suggests you take at least a quick glance at its size and redness. From here we headed north on Road 25 to make our way to yet another family who have relocated to this area of rural loneliness. That makes three families now. There's rolling hills, a mix of fields and forest, and country homes.

The country home of Jai Chaitanya, Rasa and four children is a rustic century house. A nearby barn foundation will be reactivated. The old-post wood structure will be reincarnated soon. Jai plans to have a new one set atop the old stone foundation before winter sets in. The arrangement is to accommodate the animals they own, from bovine to sheep & goats.

It's real country life for this family and we just got a taste of it. Rasa's mother, Yasomati, who is world-renowned for co-ordinating kirtan is also present here and shows her quiet side, which is what rural life does to you. It tames you.

We made our way on foot along the property of sixty-five acres - of fresh air, dusty loam soil, and trees of different sorts. Brunch was great, all home-cooked. But time ran out. Our interest and the token encouragement coming from the three of us city slickers hardly made a dent into any spirit of apprehension for country life on their part. They are committed to stay.

We bulleted our way back to the city where everyone's back to the grind. Yes, school and work are in gear for everyone. The best I can get, that is, the most countryish I can be in the big city is to walk the streets. Running errands permitted me to go through the hustle-bustle and this made me feel like a country boy.

May the Source be with you!

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