Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Boston! Get Ready!

Praveen is a little jealous (I guess that's the word) when I told him of our one day adventure along the Don River the previous day. Surely he'll take a day off to acquiesce to an adventure such as ours when the opportunity avails itself.

Today I had to submit to going back to a grid. Indeed, Praveen and I did 90 degree turns in order to reach back to our starting point. It was the best loop we could fathom. I made a second installment of the stroll in the evening after some packing and preparation for the trip to Boston on Friday. I wasn't sure if the Toronto International Film Festival was still underway. I don't keep up with such things. But it did cross my mind, "If I was to bump into one of those movie stars I might toss him/her a mantra card and hope they may catch on to something spiritual instead of themselves." Of course, you can't stereotype such artists. Some are genuine seekers of the truth and lead a fairly sattvic life, I'm sure.

Now back to the plan for Boston: it will take approximately forty-five days to make the journey from Boston to Butler, Pennsylvania, and then to New York City. The send-off to this venture will be at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, September 20th. The theme of the walk is "Honour Our Teachers." After all, they are the ones who open the door to the world for us and to other worlds as well. I hope to remind us all of the debt we owe those who give us knowledge, especially knowledge about ourselves and life's potential.

So, I'm packing now.

May the Source be with you!



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