Thursday, 10 September 2015

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Friday, September 4th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

The Day Before

On this fine morning when pink and blue blends occupy the sky, we took the boardwalk at the Beaches. The awesome element about any beach is that there is no encumbrance to thought, contemplation, or any form of dreaminess. The open air and boundless sky seem to generate the spirit of optimism and hope.

Praveen was kind to drive us to this busy, athletic-prone place. So many people take advantage of the good breezes that glide over the surface of the lake and make a pleasant greeting to the face. Runners, yogis, cyclists, kayakers, and walkers do the right thing, looking after themselves, in order to perhaps have better performance throughout the day.

Of course, it is only proper to look after the machinery given to us and I would say of myself, I don’t fancy sitting in the corner of the ashram where things tend to be so enclosed. Of course, I’ll say that now because it’s early September. For me, the sky is Krishna, or vice versa. At least we can say that the creation has a connection to the Creator. There is the sun and the sunshine that can be taken as an analogy. There is practically no difference between the two elements.

The sun did come up slowly then, by the way, over Lake Ontario as we walked to see his glowing pride. He was a red hot power ball. Our two South African guests were enthused to see such intensity of colour

All the calmness we placed ourselves in was really a preparation period for tomorrow’s birthday honouring Krishna. And, in an effort to please Him for tomorrow, a group of volunteers worked very hard with me on forming the drama ‘Krishna Is’ hours later, at a time when similar sky colours please the eyes . Our former temple president, Visvakarma, popped in for a surprise visit. Our cast was happy to meet him. We gave him an applause for being one of the main people responsible for securing the building in which we can perform and serve Krishna. I think it excited him to see all the decorations and activities going on in preparation for what to us is like Christmas. Thank you Krishna, for coming here to Earth.


May the Source be with you!

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