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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
Stafford, Connecticut

We Keep Going

Walking continued with an anticipated 'better day' distance-wise. Our trek began in the centre of Oxford at the 'Dunkin' Doughnuts' and from there moved through the dark on windy roads until twilight. Then, after obscure visibility, the sun came strong, blinding motorists who were headed east.
Karuna and I were constantly switching to either side of the road in order to not give a scare to motorists. One consideration is absence of light or too much. Another is the sudden bends and twists the roads themselves make. We have barely a road's shoulder to walk on. There are instances where we step into wet grass and patches of poison ivy in order to avoid oncoming traffic.

All is well with attentiveness.

Tom Nappi, news director of HCAM-TV in Hopkinton, was great. Vivasvan, our support-person, drove us back to Hopkinton for a TV interview. The questions he posed surrounded the curiosity of why the walk, its dynamics, when did I begin such pilgrimages, and so on.

What was initially supposed to be a five minute interview went way beyond. Tom also asked about my involvement in community theatre and so I explained that in my 'time-off' (from walking) I travel the globe working with newcomer actors in morality drama based on Vedic themes.

As we were about to leave after the successful session, I noticed an old poster of 'Citizen Kane' on the studio's reception room wall. I remarked, "That is one of the best films of all time by Orson Wells." Everyone was in agreement of course. Vedic theme? It could easily be a story from the Bhagavatam, the likes of Ajamil, in a modern-day context.

In the interview I referred to the Beatles and George Harrison as experimenters of chanting. As we left we handed Tom a copy of 'Chant and Be Happy', a publication on the topic.

We went back on the road where we met some runners and a farmer, Barry Smith, who owns several hundred acres of land on both sides of the Massachusetts and Connecticut border. Nice guy! At 73, he looks robust and happily prides himself in a full head of curly hair. Like many buildings in the area, the homes date back to the 1700's.


May the Source be with you!

24 miles/38 km



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