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Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Thursday, September 24th, 2015
Rockville, Connecticut

Apple Monk

On this trail a police officer pulled over and asked, "Going for a walk?"

Answer was "Yes! To Pennsylvania and I'm doing it for my teacher, my guru. Here's my card." So, I handed him a card which has the maha-mantra on one side with its translation, "Oh, awesome Creator, allow me to be of blissful service to You and the world."The officer expressed his thanks and moved on.

My walking partner for the morning session was Karuna Sindhu. He has got down the service attitude quite well. Our party was honoring a half-day fast, this being a day to remember the avatar, 'Vamana,' yet Karuna will go to knock on someone's door when we spot an apple tree and ask if we could help ourselves to a small number of the delicious fruits. Once granted, if the owner was home, Karuna would stock what he could in his pockets. At least for today we held back from eating until the clock struck 12 noon. Indeed, we are getting our share of apples everyday while investing in the chanting of the mantra during trekking.

Karuna was on a special diet for years which begins with a boiled apple in the morning. If I'm 'The Walking Monk' then he's 'The Apple Monk.'

Interaction with people is limited. In Staffordville we actually connected, but briefly, with pedestrians, otherwise you can say that most everyone is very car-bound. This is the destiny of the world it seems. People are cut-off from each other by way of the automobile. At least on two occasions today a motorist stopped asking for directions, which left us unaware of where to point. Anyways, it's great when there's human interaction.

One more interaction was with water. A good swim in Shenipsit Lake relieved leg tension. It was like heaven.

May the Source be with you!

25 miles/40 km

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